Making Your Day Special One Place at a Time

Whether it’s a wedding or reception, we have your back. Let us make your day special by giving you a comfortable romantic ride wherever it is you need to go. Here at Divine Limousine we want to make your day special so we’ve come up with a list of the best places to hold a wedding and reception.

Best Places to Hold Your Wedding or Reception

Alpine Art Center


The Alpine Art Center is a very beautiful venue in Salt Lake City, UT. This elegant venue is surrounded by beautiful mountains and gardens making it a perfect destination for a wedding. Whether is outdoors or indoors this venue will accommodate for both. Perfect for the capacity of 50 to 500 guests. Want to know more? Visit the Alpine Art Center site for photos, prices, and more.

Homestead Resort


The Homestead Resort is a perfect place for those of you who are looking for a venue that does both the wedding and reception. It’s located by the gorgeous Wasatch Mountains in Midway, UT.

This is a great place for people in love with nature and the Beauty of the world. Want to know more? Visit the Homestead Resort's site to see photos, prices, and more.

Pierpont Place


From modern to unique this place is perfect for an eye opening event. Whether you choose them to do your decorations and coordination they can make the Pierpont Place perfect for your special day. Great for up to 200 guests! Visit the Pierpont Place's site to see photos, prices, and more.

The Bell Room


The Bell Room is an elegant banquet hall in the Provo, UT area surrounded by vintage decor and an elegant topical style. This Venue is filled with colorful walls and shiny brick flooring. Perfect for a wedding with guests up to 150. Visit The Bell Room’s site to see photos, prices and more.

Barbwire and Lace


The Barbwire and Lace is a beautiful and unique vintage venue located in Pleasant Grove, UT. The venue is on a countryside with 3.5 acres of land. This place is perfect for fitting your needs and the people there help make it perfect for making new and amazing memories. Great for guests up to 300. Visit Barbwire and Lace’s site to see photos, prices and more