Staycation Ideas for Utah

Summer is the perfect time of year, the weather is great, it has the perfect breeze, and the sun is shining. But in the summertime there are fewer holidays, so what can you do with a limousine when the holidays are gone? Summer means vacations, but what about those times when your stuck at work and can’t take the family on a vacation you’ve always wanted? Divine Limousine has the best answer to solve your problem. Taking a limousine out for the day and visiting the sights for a summertime ride in Utah might not be a camping trip or vacation in Hawaii, but it’s sure to make your family jump with excitement as they see a shiny limousine pull up to the house. So what sort of sights can you visit in Utah? Here’s a list for you and your family to enjoy. 

Exploring Utah in Style

There are thousands of places to visit for a summertime ride in Utah, from Monument Valley to Bryce Canyon, there's a world of sights to explore. Why not make it even better in the limousine of your choice! So what sort of sights can you visit in Utah? 

Best Sights to See in Utah 

Antelope Island 


Antelope Island is the largest of all 10 islands located in the Great Salt Lake. Antelope Island is a natural beauty with bison, sheep, porcupine, antelope, and many other animals on the island. The mountains located on this island are centered with igneous and sedimentary rocks making its shape and view extravagant.

Copper Mine

Kennecott Utah Copper's Bingham Canyon Mine is the world's largest man-made excavation! It is so big that it can be seen from outer space. Standing at the overlook within the Bingham Canyon Mine, you can see, hear, and feel the breathtaking and amazing magnitude of this huge man-made excavation. 

Zion National Park

Zions national park has some of Utah’s finest scenery with beautiful waterfalls, red cliffs, and vistas. It is one of the highest-rated parks in Utah.

Downtown Salt Lake City 


Visit the beautiful Salt Lake City and see the amazing sights it has to offer. Whether you have only half a day to see all the top attractions in Salt Lake City or you're in town for multiple days and want to discover which of the top attractions you would like to spend more time at, Divine Limousine has you covered. This tour also includes visiting places like Temple Square, The State Capitol Building, lunch stop at Lion House Pantry, and much more. 

While Utah is full of beautiful sights and scenery we feel these are some of the most fun to visit and most entertaining, if you would like to check out some more sights in Utah you can check out 17 Top Rated Attractions and Places to Visit in Utah.  

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How Many People Can Fit in a Limo?

Limousine sizes range enormously. The smaller ones may only be able to carry up to six passengers inside the limo while bigger limousines can have up to 18. It just depends on the size and brand of the limousine, for example, SUV's will probably carry more passengers than other types of limousine brands. So how many people can fit in a limo? Well, Instead of answering off the bat and saying a specific number I'll tell you in a more natural more understandable way that gives you a better idea. To do this, I'll list the types of Limousines and then state the number each of them can fit, and a background of what they are used for.

Smaller Sized Limousines


6-8 Passenger

Smaller limousines tend to carry on average, six to eight passengers, not including the driver. These limousines were initially made for smaller corporate parties or a romantic couple getaway. They are made with two seats behind the driver, two seats on the side of the limousine, and the other two opposite from the driver compartment. Usually, on the other side of the limo is where the bar and the audio or radio system is located. 

At Divine Limousine; Our two Mid-Size Lincoln Town Cars feature a 6 & 8 passenger stretch, with amenities including, champagne holders, ice bins, full bar, and more! Book Now?

Medium Sized Limousines


10-15 Passenger

Mid-sized limousines can hold up to 10-15 passengers at a time. They are much similar to the smaller limousines except that they are more prominent with more space and are enhanced with neon lighting. They are much like a night-club and come with some cold soft drinks to make your ride more relaxed and refreshing.

At Divine Limousine; Our ten passenger Dodge Charger features a 140" stretch. Amenities include aux input, DVD player with three different LCD TVs, champagne glass holders, Opera lights, ice bins, full bar, rear climate control, and a power privacy division. Book Now?

Larger Sized Limousine


18-20 Passenger

These larger limousines are made for more prominent groups going to places like sports arenas, receptions, or casinos. Just like the medium-sized limousines, these are built-in with ice-cold soft drinks and a media/music player.

At Divine Limousine; Our 18 passenger Hummer features a 200" stretch. Amenities include aux input, DVD player with three different LCD TVs, champagne glass holders, Opera lights, decanters, ice bins, full bar, rear climate control, and a power privacy division. Book Now?

We specialize in making your fantastic day even better; all of our limousines are designed for your enjoyment and fun! If you are interested in renting one of our limousines, you can contact us online or call us at 801-327-8752. Thank you for reading our article “How Many People Can Fit in a Limo.”