How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Limo?

You're trying to decide if you want to rent a limo. But you have no idea what the cost is to rent one. Renting a limousine is a V.I.P experience that can still be in your budget. The price can differ depending on what you're doing and where you're going. It is so confusing when you realize how many different options a limousine service provides, but at the same time exciting because you know you have a variety of options. Most limousines charge by the hour, but there are sometimes additional costs for specific tours. Throughout this article, we'll be breaking down the cost of renting a limo by the hour, and then by the event.


There are a wide variety of possibilities when renting a limo. It may be your first time renting a limo or maybe you are just wondering about the pricing of a limousine ride. It's very intimidating when you have to call a service without even knowing what to expect for their prices. There are so many things to consider when renting a limo and there isn't just one straight up answer either. There are a couple of different things that will factor into the pricing, and we are going to go over them in the article below. 

  1. The Size of the limousine is going to be one of the critical factors when deciding price, for example, An 18 passenger Hummer will cost more per hour than a ten passenger Dodge Charger. The bigger the limo, the more expensive. The cost can range anywhere from $75 to $200 per hour. 

  2. The Style of the limousine will also impact the rate. Some limos are made with a unique style. The Inside and outside of the vehicle may play a part in the cost.

  3. The Time that you order the limousine may cause rates to go up, depending on whether there’s a high volume of customers or not. 

  4. The Ride Length will determine the overall cost. You will usually be charged per hour for limos. Many times there are pricing options such as, pick up drop off, two-way rides, and so forth. Check out the options offered to ensure you are getting the best price. 

  5. Tips may or may not be included. Usually, the tip is based on the performance of the driver and not on the price of the Ride. Make sure to check with the company you are choosing to find out if you will need to pay a tip or if it was already included with the total price. 

Here are the pricing options for Divine Limousine

When choosing the limousine that best fits your needs, its best to start by figuring out how many people will be riding in the limo. Once you’ve decided how many people to invite on your V.I.P adventure, it’s time to choose your size. The hourly rate will usually depend on the size of the vehicle.

Pricing for Limo Size

  • 10 Passenger - $100.00/hr

  • 14 Passenger - $155.00/hr

  • 18 Passenger - $180.00/hr

Limousine Package Options

You can also choose from the list of limousine package options below.

Basic Transfer Service The Basic Transfer Package is a single one-way transfer with pickup at one location and drop off at another. All amenities are included but out of area fees apply.

  • 10 Passenger - $200

  • 14 Passenger - $310

  • 18 Passenger - $360

Two-Way Transfer Service The Two-Way Transfer Service Package is a pick up and drop off from one location to another location and return. All amenities are included but out of area fees apply.

  • 10 Passenger - $380

  • 14 Passenger - $600

  • 18 Passenger - $700

We alternatively provide block reservations that allow you to be flexible with your limousine services. If you are planning on a night on the town, block rentals are the perfect solution. This allows you to not be locked into a dedicated pick up and drop off time but instead, you get your own personal limousine at your beck and call. Some restrictions apply and basic reservation plans are requested. 

3 Hour Limousine Reservation 

  • 10 Passenger - $300

  • 14 Passenger - $465

  • 18 Passenger - $540

4 Hour Limousine Reservation

  • 10 Passenger - $400

  • 14 Passenger - $620

  • 18 Passenger - $720

In the end, the cost of your limousine package may vary depending on the requirement of your transportation needs. At Divine Limousine Utah we pride ourselves on being able to customize our services to accommodate your every detail. Give us a call and let us know what your travel needs are and Divine Limousine will put together a transportation package that will be both affordable and personalized just for you.


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