Aren't all limousines basically the same?

While it may seem every limousine is basically the same thing, they're actually quite different. Each of our stretch limousines have their own unique features. Everyone has their own taste as to what looks good for a vehicle, so our different variety of limousines gives everyone the opportunity to choose the limousine that fits their tastes best. To know more about our limousine selection please visit Our Fleet Page

How far in advance should I place a reservation?

The sooner you place your reservation the better your chance will have in securing your booking. Reservations are coming in all the time, so booking ahead of time is always a better option, to secure the date and time you desire.

What qualifications do your drivers have?

We have the highest standards for our limo driver qualifications. Each of our drivers are required to have a Commercial Driver's License (CDL), Aiport Background Check, a drug-tested background check, as well as a passenger endorsement.

Do you offer off-hour services?

We can work with you to meet whatever needs you have in scheduling your reservation.

Do you require a deposit? When do I pay it?

Yes, half down when you schedule your booking, and the other half the day of your reservation.

What are your standard cancellation policies?

If you cancel prior to the 2 week mark you'll recieve 80% back on your deposit. If cancelled within a week or less you'll foreit your total deposit.

Do you offer coprorate and personal accounts?

Yes we do! We offer both of those, as well as volume discounts. For more information on this, please give us a call: 801-327-8752.

Do you offer transfers, drop-off, and pickup services for special events?

Yes, do we! For more information on our transfer packages, please visit our pricing page.

Can you drive to another state?

Yes, we do offer out of state services, but pricing would be based on the trip there and back.

Can I drink alchohol in the vehicle?

A: Yes, Utah state law requires everyone in the vehicle to be over the age of 21 for open alchohol containers to be present.

Is smoking allowed in the vehicle?

Smoking is not allowed in any of our vehicles, and there will be an expensive cleaning fee if this rule is broken.

What is included in your pricing?

Everything, except for the driver gratuity!

Can we come see the vehicles before we book?

Yes, but an appointment must be scheduled. Call 801-327-8752 to schedule. Our fleet page show genuine images of our limousines, giving you a good idea of what you can expect.

How will I know when the driver arrives?

The driver will message you when they arrive, or contact you another way if you have asked for a different method of contact.

What are your policies on waiting time?

If you are running late and let the driver know they will wait for you, but your time will start when the driver arrives at the agreed upon time. If the driver arrives at the agreed upon time and the customer is not at the location, or has not contacted us, the driver will leave within 30 minutes.

What happens if we go over our planned time?

Overages are charged in half hour increments.