Holiday Packages

Find out more about all our holiday specials and what we can offer.

New Years.png

New Years

Happy New Year! Come see the light tours, trips to bars, pubs, and all the best hotspots in Utah!

Valentines Day.png

Valentines Day

Take your sweetheart out in style. You’ll be your S.O.’s sweetheart if you book a ride with us. You will also be our sweetheart if you book with us. Then we’ll all be sweethearts.

Presidents Day.png

Presidents Day

You may not be our president, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ride in style. Book with us.

Saint Patricks Day.png

St. Patricks Day

It’s time to party like the Irish! Bars, pubs and more bars. Also fun. Make sure you have a designated driver. Book a ride with us!



Eggs, candy and bunnies. For some reason. Easter! Book with us.

Cinco De Mayo.png

Cinco De Mayo

We’re not in Mexico, but that’s no reason to not celebrate. Book with us!

Prom 2019.png


Ready to make some memories? Prom is such an important time. Make it divine, by booking one of our limousines.

Mothers Day.png

Mothers Day

If you book with us and don’t invite your mother, then you’re not her favorite. Sorry.

Fathers Day.png

Fathers Day

Book with us, we’re going to Home Depot. Your dad needs some tools, right?

Fourth of July.png

Independence Day

BBQ, watermelon, and explosions. That’s what Independence Day is all about. Book with us.

Pioneer Day.png

Pioneer Day

We’re going old fashion. I don’t think they had limousines back then. O’well. Book with us for some old time fun!

Labor Day.png

Labor Day

The best way to celebrate the work force is by not working! Book with us.



Pumpkin smashing time! I’m just kidding. I’ve never done anything like that. We’re NOT going to smash pumpkins! Anyway, book a ride with us.

Veterans Day.png

Veterans Day

Help us to support our veterans. If you’re a veteran get specials deals and discounts.

Black Friday.png

Black Friday

Need to go shopping? Well, shopping with us is probably a bit overkill, but who cares. Let’s do it! Book a ride with us and get great deals.



Don’t forget what Christmas is all about. It’s about joining us for the Christmas Light Tours. Book now!