Ideas For a Perfect Sweet 16

Have you been planning a sweet sixteen party for yourself or a family member and want to make it perfect? Plan the perfect sweet 16 party with a Limo ride, all you need to do is call, we’ll handle the rest. We know just what you need! With our 2016 Chrysler 300 Stretch Limousine you can be sure that this sweet 16 will be a night full of amazing success and crazy fun! Let’s make this a night one, you’ll never forget. Use our list of tips to make your party a success.

Tip #1 Pick a Theme

Pick a theme for your perfect sweet sixteen that will surprise all your friends and have them begging for more! Make sure your theme is unique for you and matches your personality. It is in fact your sweet sixteen. Here’s a list of themes to get you started!

  • Enchanted Garden

  • Party Like a Rockstar

  • Sassy Sweet 16 Bowling Galore

  • Red Carpet Model Runway

  • Hollywood

  • Masquerade

  • Under the Stars

  • Pool Party

Tip #2 Pick your activities

Once you know your theme it’s easier to plan activities around it. Make sure to pick activities you know you and your friends will love. Below are some ideas you can mix and match in your amazing sweet 16 party fun!

Send your friends through an adventure finding and scavenging around for items on your list. You can even see which friends know you best by writing questions and riddles only a friend would know.

Whether it’s dancing to a game on the TV or a formal dress party you can make it a blast! Invite the whole crew on your night of fun, and dance all night to the music.

Why not pretend your famous for a night, dress up and enter your party in a stylish limousine, be prepared to walk down the red carpet with paparazzi everywhere! This is sure to be a party your friends will love.  

Take your friends to a skating rink and show off your moves. Rolling around a skating rink laughing and dancing to the music is sure to impress everyone.  

  • Rock Band/ Guitar Hero

Be a rockstar, dress the part and grab your guitar and get ready to make some noise!

Relax with popcorn and treats all around you, nothing says fun like a night under the stars watching your favorite movie with your friends.

Take your friends to a pool place with water slides and fun. Best part is, the entertainment is everywhere. You don’t have to worry about keeping your friends excited because it’s right there!!

Tip #3 Pick your Favorite Restaurant

Nothing says style like entering your favorite restaurant in a shiny black or white limousine. It’s your day to shine don't be afraid to show off and have a blast.

Now that you’re done with your ideas for your party your perfect sweet sixteen with a limo ride is about to start! Good luck and have a blast!

You’re all set for your perfect day! Don’t forget to call Divine Limousine to top off the perfect sweet sixteen. You can call us at 801-327-8752 or contact us online.