Drive To Impress

You've got an impression to make. Stylish clothes and confidence can go a long ways, but to finish that journey, you're going to need an impressive ride. And what could be more impressive than a sleek limousine gliding down the street?


Go with style

But couldn't you just go with Uber? Oh sure, if you're not worried about how it makes you look. Who knows? You may very well get a gem of a driver with a sleek model and a magnetic personality. But do you really feel that lucky? Should I mention the odds of this driver having an intimate knowledge of the city's layout and traffic? It wouldn't look too good if you got yourself lost along the way. But maybe that's too much to expect from your average driver; not like what you can expect from a professional company who rents out limousines.

Go with perks

Plus, think about the sort of amenities that come with a limousine rental. Your own private oasis, richly upholstered and furnished with refreshments as you're riding to your destination. Those twenty minutes of comfort could be just what you need to compose yourself before you face the critical gaze of the world and that particularly important person. Certainly not the quality time you'd get in a car cluttered with takeout boxes and candy wrappers and reverberating with heavy metal.

Go with image

Yes, yes, this sort of quality does cost money. Would you expect anything less? Does the person you're impressing expect less from you? We tout the value of frugality, but can we ever truly shake the image of money and power? If you have the money to be chauffeured in a limousine, what else can you do with that money? Who would benefit from associating with you? These are the sorts of questions people ask themselves, and whether they admit it or not, they are drawn to wealth and power. If the bait works, you may as well use it.

Go in a limousine

When it comes right down to it, first impressions can make or break a person. How much is your image worth? What the best way to showcase it? Think hard. I'm sure the answer will come to you...