Salt Lake City Limousine Services

Divine Limousine offers incredible transportation services in Salt Lake City. See the world-famous Salt Lake Mormon Temple as you cruise through downtown in an elaborate limo. 


Salt Lake City was founded by the Mormon Pioneers on July 24, 1847, in the early days of the Wild West. As the Latter Day Saints came over the Rocky Mountains (at a place now called Emigration Canyon), Brigham Young, the second LDS prophet, announced his famous words "This is The Place" upon seeing the Salt Lake Valley. What appeared to be a vast wasteland turned into the new birthplace of the Latter Day Saints. Top Salt Lake City attractions like the Mormon Temple, Joseph Smith Memorial Building, and Salt Lake Tabernacle have been created as a result of the Latter Day Saint movement. 


Today, our Salt Lake City Limousine services include several packages that allow you to see these and other famous landmarks in the Salt Lake City area. Our Salt Lake City Tour allows you to visit world-famous landmarks and buildings including: 

  • Temple Square
  • State Capitol Building
  • This is The Place Heritage Park
  • Lion House Pantry
  • Historic Mansions
  • University of Utah
  • Pony Express Station

You can also experience our Mormon Tabernacle Choir Tour which includes all the sights from the Salt Lake City Tour along with the opportunity of hearing the magic of beautiful singing at the Salt Lake Tabernacle. This 360-member choir team have performed at presidential nominations, world fairs and expositions, and have traveled around the globe from Europe and Asia to Australia and the Middle East.


Let Divine Limousine provide you with an experience you will never forget as your travel through the beauty and majesty of Salt Lake City.


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