Which Limousine Should I Choose?

Choosing the right limousine is an important decision when planning out your special night. Our representatives can help make your choice much easier. We can help you break down the cost, describe our different packages and what they include, and discuss transportation times.

Here are a few items you can consider:

How many people will be attending? Size is important. The more people you have, the more room you will need. Our fleet ranges in size from 6-passenger to 18-passenger vehicles. Whether you're going out on a date with your loved one or riding through town with your corporate team, you will want to make sure everyone can fit comfortably. In some cases, you'll even need more space than normal. This is the case for dresses. 6 bridesmaids wearing 6 over-sized dresses will likely need more space than what a 6-passenger limo offers. It's important to consider the space needed to make you travel through town as comfortably as possible.

What amenities do you want included? Certain amenities come with all of our limousine packages. These include TVs, high-powered stereo systems, passenger controlled heating & ac, beverages, and more. However, amenities including the red carpet only come in certain packages, like weddings and prom events. The type of limousine package you request will typically determine what amenities will be included. Amenities included in a quinceanera package will differ from that of wedding packages.

How many hours will you be reserving? You may be wondering how the amount of hours determines which limousine you should get. Don't worry, we'll elaborate. Let's say you want a simple one-way transfer from the Airport to the Vivint Smart Arena. This could be a simple 10-minute ride where comfort wouldn't be a huge concern. If, however, you were traveling from Ogden to Provo, you may want to consider a more spacious vehicle. Riding for hours at a time in a closed seat can make you restless, so you'll want plenty of space for stretching your legs.

What places and events will you be attending? Different places and events match better with certain limousines. Hiring a limo to transport your boss through downtown would look better in a town car or dodge charger than a hummer. However, hosting the transportation for a bridal party would be better in a hummer where plenty of space is needed. 

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