How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Limousine?

The costs for renting a limousine can differ depending on what you're doing and where you're going. While most limousines charge per hour, there are sometimes additional costs for specific tours. In this article, we'll be breaking down the cost of renting a limo by hour and by event.


The hourly charge typically depends on the size of the vehicle. An 18 passenger Hummer will cost more per hour than a 10 passenger Dodge Charger.

Pricing for Limo Size

  • 10 Passenger - $100.00/hr
  • 14 Passenger - $155.00/hr
  • 18 Passenger - $180.00/hr

Limousine Package Options

You can also choose from the list of limousine package options below.

Basic Transfer Service The Basic Transfer Package is a single one-way transfer with pickup at one location and drop off at another. All amenities are included but out of area fees apply.

  • 10 Passenger - $200
  • 14 Passenger - $310
  • 18 Passenger - $360

Two-Way Transfer Service The Two-Way Transfer Service Package is a pick up and drop off from one location to another location and return. All amenities are included but out of area fees apply.

  • 10 Passenger - $380
  • 14 Passenger - $600
  • 18 Passenger - $700

We alternatively provide block reservations that allow you to be flexible with your limousine services. If you are planning on a night on the town, block rentals are the perfect solution. This allows you to not be locked into a dedicated pick up and drop off time but instead, you get your own personal limousine at your beck and call. Some restrictions apply and basic reservation plans are requested. 

3 Hour Limousine Reservation 

  • 10 Passenger - $300
  • 14 Passenger - $465
  • 18 Passenger - $540

4 Hour Limousine Reservation

  • 10 Passenger - $400
  • 14 Passenger - $620
  • 18 Passenger - $720

In the end, the cost of your limousine package may vary depending on the requirement of your transportation needs. At Divine Limousine Utah we pride ourselves on being able to customize our services to accommodate your every detail. Give us a call and let us know what your travel needs are and Divine Limousine will put together a transportation package that will be both affordable and personalized just for you.


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