Antelope Island Tour

A Wildlife safari adventure on the largest island in the Great Salt Lake. The best way to experience the island.

A 120-mile adventure

$70 / person

4-5 Hours


Stretching nearly 15 miles wide and with an area of over 42 square miles, Antelope island is the largest island on the Great Salt Lake and is also home to one of the largest American Bison (buffalo) herds in the country. The buffalo is the largest land animal in North America and an absolute crowd-pleaser for visitors of all ages. Several hundred bison roam the island, along with the second-fastest animal in the world, the antelope (pronghorn). Other wildlife include our adorable mule deer, burrowing owls, coyotes and several dozen species of birds depending on the time of year.

Rich in scenic beauty and natural features, Antelope Island is the perfect place to view Great Salt Lake and get a taste of the vast open country found in the Great Basin.

Bring your camera and your imagination and get ready to explore one of Utah's best kept secrets.


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